Consulting Services Overview

We deliver technical depth and business understanding to help clients use technologies to solve business problems. Our technical solutions often fall into more than one of our core competencies:

Application Development

We build fast, scalable, applications that solve real business problems. We utilize a reusable application framework coupled with our agile methodology to turn your vision into a tangible solution quickly.


Defined Consulting has the expertise to help you develop a unique, custom e-commerce platform strategy to meet your business needs. To ensure that your investment today has the agility you need for tomorrow, leverage our knowledge to develop your strategy.

Business Intelligence

We can help you build a powerful solution for your business intelligence strategy to maximize your return on your data and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Enterprise Application Integration

Defined Consulting has the expertise to help you integrate the applications within your organization, as well as with your customers and suppliers, to stream line business processes and help increase business agility.

Architecture Reviews

We conduct architecture reviews, load testing and stress analysis, to improve the performance, scalability, and architecture of our clients’ software.